BHM (Shenzhen Brotherhood Music Culture Media Co., Ltd) is widely known for investing, operating and promoting the International IPs CREAMFIELDS (Europe’s Top-3 EDM festival) and Q-DANCE (World’s largest hardstyle EDM music festival brand) in China. In addition BHM runs the domestic IPs LICHT, SHOCK and REBORN Festival, while also having established it 360* artist management and booking agency B.E.A.M and operating a 3.000 cap venue named RB755 in Shenzhen. Next to participating in over 20+ Festivals all over China and 150+ club shows in 30+ Chinese cities, BHM is also involved in music festival integrated marketing planning, stage & show production design and International artist management services. All with different International and domestic partners and following a clear vision on fully creating a local electronic music culture ecosystem.


NetEase Fever is an electronic music brand launched in 2018 by NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES) dedicated to delivering top quality music content and experience to Chinese users as well as to create a well-established electronic music ecosystem in China with diverse business lines including Electronic Music Events, Electronic Music Education, Artists Management, Crossover Collaboration, Co-branding & Mechandise, Customised High-end Electronic Music Travel Packages etc,.


China Minsheng Cultural Media Development (CMCM) is an innovative enterprise with focus on urban cultural development, and has its expertise in full-experience event production and management. Located in Sanya, the southernmost city of China, CMCM has hosted two editions of its own music festival brand “ISY Music Festival”, and has attracted 180,000 attendees and generated over 2.7 Billion RMB of the city consumption. Apart from ISY Music Festival, CMCM has also hosted the 1st edition of Haikou Volcanic Festival and the 1st Hainan International Film Festival in December 2018. Besides growing its above-mentioned festivals to be bigger and better, CMCM has other exciting projects, including a 330-acers music theme park and Hainan International Science and Technology Exhibition in the long-term development strategy. CMCM will take the opportunity of combining its festivals and the theme park to build the province of Hainan to a world-known festival destination.


Mai Ai Culture Communications or shortly Mai Ai, is a Beijing-based multimedia company focused on electronic music with a broad strategy to develop today’s dance scene and lifestyle for young generation. It consists of five business pillars—— event & festival production, music publishing, artist management, music education, and technology. Leading artists of Mai Ai include YUAN, the most influential producer and singer in China, has achieved more than 1.5 billion plays and 5 million fans. The most prominent brand is the INTRO Music Festival, a local festival founded in 2009, that has gone international with editions in The Netherlands and Mongolia. As the leading representative of China’s electronic music industry, Mai Ai has been the official travel partner of Tomorrowland for three consecutive years.

北京麦爱文化传播有限公司,简称麦爱,是中国最具规模的电音跨界娱乐平台,致力于发展电子音乐文化以及年轻人潮流文化。公司运营五大业务板块,涵盖音乐节企划运营、音乐版权、艺人经纪、音乐教育以及全息科技。旗下拥有最具影响力的电子音乐唱作人徐梦圆,全网歌曲累计播放量超过15亿,粉丝量超多500万。旗下最为著名的音乐节品牌是INTRO电子音乐节, 自2009年至今已举办十年,并且已经在2017年的荷兰和2018年的蒙古完成了两次国际亮相。作为中国电音行业领衔代表,麦爱连续三届成为全球顶级音乐节Tomorrowland的官方旅行合作伙伴。

VAC represents a mega brand for electronic music in Wuhan. Vision & Color Music Festival is a large outdoor Electronic Music Festival. It is facing to electronic music lovers globally. World most popular DJs and top producers will be invited. VAC Infinity is a large indoor Electronic Music Festival. Infinity is celebrated for its own theme and multitudinous types of Music. Also, stylized DJ’s and producers lead the new fashion style for Asia Music Party.

VAC电音节(Vision & Color Music Festival),是武汉在电音文化上推出的重大品牌,定位是大型户外电子音乐节,面向全世界的电子音乐爱好者,每场活动都会邀请全世界最顶尖和最流行的DJ和制作人,VAC Infinity定位是大型室内电子音乐派对,派对以鲜明的主题和音乐类型的前瞻性著称,每场活动都会邀请全世界最具风格的DJ和制作人,旨在成为引导亚洲音乐潮流风向标的音乐派对。